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Frozen Foods Screening and Elevating System


The Task:

A foods manufacturer in Ireland required a screening and elevating system to separate and screen frozen mussels that arrive at the packing plant in bulk supply.

They are then to be presented to the bagging machine as a quality, clean product at the correct flow rate.


The Solution:

The bulk supply is transferred to the Hopper Feeder Screen system. Mussels then exit the Hopper at a controlled rate to match the packing requirement. They are screened to remove broken pieces and impurities and are then fed into the Swinglink Bucket Elevator. The Elevator then takes the controlled feed and with its gentle action, transfers the mussels horizontally and vertically to the bagging feeder. By means of a high level device in the bagging machine, the feeder will stop and start to maintain a consistent but maximum level in the bagging feed system.

Frozen Screening


The Result:

The system created provides a consistent flow of clean, quality product to the bagging machine which ensures the maximum capacity is achieved. Due to the success of this system Gough is currently working on a new handling and sorting solution process.


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