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As an expert material handling equipment supplier, we know that it’s important to have a trial facility to guarantee your new equipment fulfils your production needs. We offer testing on various process equipment, including different mesh frames or perforated plates. Availability and charges may differ for non-standard meshes.

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Our range of process equipment

At our trial facility, we provide access to an extensive range of equipment. This diverse selection is curated to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers production process. Whether you work in the food or recycling industry, we ensure a comprehensive and tailored approach to trials and testing.

Equipment includes but is not limited to:

Gough can also provide gauss measurement and can advise on magnet bars used for removing ferrous metals.



The choice of material handling equipment for your production lines can depend on varying factors: particles, properties, behaviour on surfaces and motion types all play a role in a material’s handling needs. Drive choices, surface quality, stainless steel selection are also important factors.

It is crucial to engage with expert material handling engineers when implementing a new piece of equipment. At Gough Engineering, we understand the design principles for different uses, as well as the necessary regulations for each industry. This includes ATEX regulations for explosive atmospheres.

Our design team has years of experience that allow us to provide expert solutions for your material handling needs.

Trial Process

Lab Flow Chart

Material assessment

When dealing with a customer’s materials, we highly appreciate your cooperation in providing comprehensive information to ensure a safe and effective trial process. To facilitate this, we kindly request the following details:

  1. Full description of the material:
  • Please offer a detailed description of the material, including any specific characteristics, properties or unique features that could impact its handling or processing.
  1. Material composition (if multiple elements are present):
  • In cases where the material consists of more than one element, we request information on its composition. Understanding the components involved is crucial for a thorough assessment.
  1. COSHH health and safety data sheets:
  • Kindly supply any COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) health and safety data sheets associated with the material. These documents play a vital role in identifying potential hazards and ensuring the safety of our personnel and facilities.
  1. Internal material data sheets (if COSHH sheets are unavailable:

If obtaining COSHH sheets proves challenging, we appreciate any internal material data sheets your organisation may have. This internal documentation can provide valuable insights into the material’s properties and associated risks.

By providing this information, you contribute significantly to our commitment to safety. It will help us to identify any potentially hazardous material and maintain a vigilant approach to safety throughout the material assessment and trial process. In particular, understanding exposure limits is essential and adherence to health and safety protocols, including the use of any required safety equipment.

Thank you for your assistance in providing this information. 

Coshh Safety Data Sheet


Sample submission information
  • Sample submission for analysis: 
    Small samples, suitable for analysis without the need for a full trial, can be conveniently sent to Gough Engineering. We recommend packaging these in small sample bags for efficient handling. For actual trials, we can receive deliveries of 25kg bags.
  • Submission of relevant material safety data sheets:
    When sending trial materials, it is essential to include all relevant material safety data sheets. This information is crucial for our team to evaluate potential risks and ensure a safe trial environment.
  • Lab clean-down for certain materials:
    Please be aware that specific materials may require a full laboratory clean down. In such cases, there may be associated clean-up costs to maintain the integrity and safety of our testing environment.
  • Holding materials and associated costs:
    It’s important to note that holding materials for extended periods may incur holding costs. We encourage efficient coordination to minimise unnecessary expenses and ensure timely processing.


do you Have a Need for Testing or material Assessment?

Please contact our team of highly skilled engineers to discuss your requirements on 01782 567770 or fill out our online enquiry form below.