Floveyor Parts

Gough Engineering are the UK agents for genuine Floveyor products and parts. We can offer guidance and replacement parts for various products including ropes, bearings and seals.

All products we supply are genuine products from Floveyor themselves. The products we supply are the most up to date in design. Floveyor continuously develop their products to offer improved longevity and added benefits specific for the application.


The genuine replacement Floveyor ropes come with a 4,000 hours life span providing that maintenance is regular and dependant on the product it is being used for.

The ropes have been developed to suit a range of applications from sand to food ingredients.

Galvanised Wire Rope which is suitable for non-food applications. It is a galvanised coated rope with riveted disks.

Stainless Steel Rope specific to food grade and chemical application. This rope is completely stainless steel and comes with moulded on disks for improved hygiene.

Polymer Coated Ropes is designed for sensitive food and hazardous applications. It comes with moulded disks to maximise hygiene and performance.

Bearings and Seals

We understand that from time to time bearings and seals may need replacing.

As part of the spares package we can offer replacement stainless steel bearings and seals for your machines and deliver to you promptly.

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