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Thoughts on product handling

How product handling works, and how to make it better


26 January 2023

Will a Batch Sieve Benefit my Production Process?

  What is a Batch Sieve? An industrial batch sieve, such as the Gough Batch Sieve or GBS,...

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26 January 2023

What Makes it a Vibrecon? Gough Engineering’s Trademark Vibratory Separator

What is a Vibratory Separator?

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4 January 2023

How Gough Engineering Can Help Your Confectionery Production Process

Until the 1970s, sugar and cocoa-based products were considered relatively safe for...

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19 December 2022

Key Benefits Of Vibrecon Pellet Screener for Plastic Pellet Screening

Many manufacturing processes require correct plastic pellet classification by particle...

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15 December 2022

Plastic Masterbatch Production Made Easy with Vibratory Separator

The Vibrecon® vibratory separator is a simple, yet efficient way to achieve multiple...

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8 December 2022

Batch Sieves: Essential for Adding Value to Pharmaceutical Production

Batch sieving is used extensively in pharmaceutical manufacturing to guarantee a safe,...

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1 December 2022

Machine Development Needs to Keep Up with Nutraceutical Growth

Nutraceutical products – supplements with nutritional and medicinal benefits that are...

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24 November 2022

What to Consider Before Buying Elevators for Layout of Plant Processes

A bucket elevator is an effective way of raising/elevating free flowing bulk materials...

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17 November 2022

Sanitary Separator: The Perfect Equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry

  In the pharmaceuticals industry, quality assurance matters. With the safety of patients...

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10 November 2022

Boost Plastic Recycling Efficiency with Linear Vibrating Screens

The environmental impact of soaring volumes of packaging waste has emphasised the...

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