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Thoughts on product handling

How product handling works, and how to make it better


15 September 2023

Overcoming rising energy prices

Given that energy accounts for 15 per cent of food and drink manufacturers’ costs,...

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29 August 2023

Getting the most from extraction systems

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reported more than 500...

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5 July 2023

Material Handling Equipment in ATEX Environments

In 2008, there was an explosion in a sugar refinery near Georgia, United States, in which...

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10 June 2023

Improving supply chain efficiency with bulk material handling

In a recent study by Gartner, supply chain organisations identified their primary focus...

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5 May 2023

Why we must invest in processing to meet recycling goals

The European Commission (EC) has ruled that EU states must reduce packaging waste by five...

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10 April 2023

Unnecessary production waste: it accumulates

Poor raw powder and pellet material quality can create high wastage in production...

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6 March 2023

The Art Of Sieve Selection

Sieve technology dates back to Ancient Egypt. Understandably, sieving equipment has...

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26 January 2023

Will a Batch Sieve Benefit my Production Process?

What is a Batch Sieve? An industrial batch sieve, such as the Gough Batch Sieve or GBS,...

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26 January 2023

What Makes it a Vibrecon? Gough Engineering’s Trademark Vibratory Separator

What is a Vibratory Separator?

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4 January 2023

How Gough Engineering Can Help Your Confectionery Production Process

Until the 1970s, sugar and cocoa-based products were considered relatively safe for...

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