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Industrial Grade Vibratory Separators

The Vibrecon Vibratory Separator is a circular gyratory-action separating and sifting system, designed for processing product on an industrial scale.

Accurate Grading

The Vibrecon Vibrating Separator achieves highly accurate particle separation versus linear screening systems.

Accuracy is achieved by maximising the time the product spends on the screening area.

Product is fed onto the centre of the screen, and the gyratory action of the centrally mounted motor causes the product to spiral out from the centre.

Oversize moves around the edge of the deck to an outlet, while the remainder falls through the screening medium.

Multi Deck Separation

Multiple screening decks can be stacked on to one system to give multiple separations.

Up to 4 decks can be added, separating product into 5 fractions based on particle size.

Reduced Downtime

The simple and robust design will continue to operate with very little mechanical intervention.

The system is driven by a single flange mounted vibratory motor.

The 3 phase, 400V vibratory motor are IP rated, and are fitted with high load capacity bearings, and are specially selected for vertical mounting within the base of the unit.

Model Reference Screen Diameter (mm) Screen Area (m^2, per deck)
GV1 460 0.15
GV2 610 0.26
GV3 870 0.53
GV4 1,120 0.88
GV5 1,380 1.33
GV6 1,630 1.86

The Vibrecon Vibratory Separator is a simple and efficient method of separating out bulk products by particles size.

The system is available in multiple stacked or single screening deck configurations and comes in a range of sizes to handle any throughput requirements.

The system uses a gyratory sifting action to continuously clear the screening area and encourages a high rate of throughput.

Our separators have been used to process a wide variety of materials, and a range of optional extras means our systems can be tailored to suit your production requirements.

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Air Bellow Suspension Vibrecon Separators use a patented air bellow suspension system that gives a low noise operation and last far longer than conventional springs.
Adjustable Vibration Two sets of adjustable vibratory motor weights mean the gyration can be finely tuned for optimal product separation and throughput.
Quick Release Clamping Pull down toggle clamping means the system can be stripped down without tools, and quickly reassembled to get back in production.
Additional Options The system comes with a range of optional extras so each separator we supply can be tailored to suit your process.


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