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Sieve Re-Meshing

Over time, screen mesh tension may reduce. It is important to observe correct and adequate tension in order to maintain effective screening performance.
Gough & Co Engineering Ltd offers a complete and comprehensive sieve / screen re-meshing service to all its customers worldwide.

Circular Screens

Reusable sieve frames are supplied as standard throughout our range of Vibrecon, Vibraflo and Bakery Sieve equipment.

By holding a stock of our completely interchangeable mesh frames, we can provide your production department with the option to quickly change over from one product to another, ultimately offering the ability to adjust your screening quality and efficiency. Alternatively, Gough can fit new mesh to your existing frames, with a turnaround often within just forty-eight hours!

Not only do we offer a full re-mesh service for our own range of circular frames, we also re-mesh many other different manufacturers types of rectangular and circular sieve frames.

Enquire about circular screens

Circular Screens

Linear Screens

Gough manufactures to order a large range of bespoke hook-screen mesh and perforated plates to suit any requirements. If you need a replacement hook-screen or you are looking at changing your product / process, talk to Gough – we have a solution for you!

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Linear Screens

Comprehensive screen re-meshing services

Reusable frames as designed for use with Gough Vibrecon / Vibraflo systems allow alternative meshes to be fitted enabling adjustment to screen performance and throughput.

  • Bonding (FDA approved)
  • Conventional clamping re-mesh
  • Spot welding

Contact us to find out more about alternative stock mesh sizes.

Non-standard mesh sizes are also available on application.

Available in stainless steel grades 304, 316 and 430 magnetic detectable.
Wide ranges of aperture sizes in stock.

Enquire about our comprehensive re-meshing services

Comprehensive screen re-meshing services

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