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Over many decades the Gough Engineering patented Vibrecon circulatory vibratory separator has been widely accepted and utilised by many companies in the Plastics and Polymer industry.

Its primary purpose is for accurate grading and we can provide guidance on the type of machine where you may need 2, 3 or 4 fraction separation with the correct mesh aperture size. We can also provide the specification for motion control to allow the correct movement of product over the mesh surfaces.

With Gough’s experience, the plastics and polymer solutions are designed for each application for long-term accurate process separation and control.


Plastic Masterbatch

Masterbatch production requires accurate application of a solid product (plastic, rubber or elastomers) in which pigments / additives are applied with a high concentration and dispersal into a carrier polymer material. 

Gough Engineering has always provided Masterbatch companies with accurate screening of many types of product at varying throughputs matched by the right screen aperture size and design but also the different diameter sizes of our Vibrecon units starting at 610mm (24") up to 1,630mm (64").

These units have excellent performance abilities with easy to change decks, simple assembly and robust design - all supplied with our unique air bellow system.





Plastic Powders


Whatever your powder production, if you require a small batch sieving operation, with ergonomically designed platforms for rip and tip station delivery, possible dust extraction then talk to Gough Engineering.

Using our in-house design team with many years experience we can examine your requirements and provide the right solutions on both the sieving/separation process and handling transfer of your products.



We supply equipment to some of the world’s biggest plastics and polymer manufacturers.

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