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Key Benefits Of Vibrecon Pellet Screener for Plastic Pellet Screening

Many manufacturing processes require correct plastic pellet classification by particle sizes to achieve high quality end products (utilising dyes and pigments) during injection moulding, blown film and extrusion processes.

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At Gough Engineering, we have developed and patented the Vibrecon® Vibratory Pellet Screener for this purpose, using a controlled gyratory sifting action to continually move product through the machine with optimum separation and throughput.

While the vibratory screener is suited for use in a range of applications and industries, the separation of plastic pellets requires a bespoke solution to ensure the effective separation of oversize, longs, doubles, conglomerates and fines.

The Vibrecon Pellet Screener is adapted using the Vibrecon® system, offering four key benefits for plastic pellet screening:

  • Grading Accuracy

With a vibratory screener, all plastic pellets can be accurately classified. This can be achieved on a single machine (maximum number of four fractions), therefore avoiding the need for an excessive number of individual screening units. Gough’s experience and classification principles will define the correct perforated plate and screen mesh designs for each plastic screening application.

  • Efficient Processing

To extract best value from the manufacturing process, it’s imperative that good material is quickly and accurately classified for separation. Our vibratory screens utilise a single pass classification operation per deck to achieve optimum processing and designed to avoid pegging and also produce smooth product flow using Gough’s unique air bellow system.

  • Range Of Sizes

Correct machine specifications and features are key in all separating processes, so we offer a range of reliable pellet screener sizes to facilitate a tailored solution. This means that your specific classifications, throughput, exit flow directions and more can all be accommodated, making the Vibrecon pellet screener an effective and reliable choice.

  • Durability

At Gough Engineering, we are committed to delivering effective separating solutions that offer outstanding longevity and reliability. Our Vibrecon pellet screener can be tailored to the specific needs of each process to provide consistent and predictable results, with excellent technical and parts support to avoid downtime and ensure process efficiency. Many of our machines have been in operation for decades so, by investing in our machinery, you can be confident of securing a healthy return on your investment.

Read Our Case Study To Find Out More

To discover how our Vibrecon pellet screener has helped manufacturers of plastic components to improve their screening process, please read our case study or, to discuss our services with an expert, call us today.

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