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Plastic Masterbatch Production Made Easy with Vibratory Separator


The Vibrecon® vibratory separator is a simple, yet efficient way to achieve multiple separation (up to 4 fractions) of product material according to particle size. Available as a single screening deck or with multiple decks configurations, the system uses a gyratory sifting motion to clear the screening area, thus achieving excellent throughput and classification.

Get In TouchThe Vibrecon vibratory separator is extensively used throughout the plastics and polymer industry, to deliver accurate grading of plastics, particularly where 2, 3, or 4 fraction separation is needed. Used by many companies in the sector for several decades, our patented vibratory screen separator plays a vital role in production processes to separate plastic and polymers, and pigments and additives, and is ideal for separation and classification in plastic masterbatch production.

The Benefits Of The Vibrecon Vibratory Separator For Plastic Masterbatch

A Masterbatch is a solid additive (formed by adding colour pigments or other additives to a carrier polymer in concentrated form) that is used to impart a colour or other characteristic to a larger batch of polymer granules.

Accurate screening of products is essential for Masterbatch production; the Vibrecon vibratory separator delivers excellent performance on an industrial scale while being easy to use and assemble, and robustly designed for reliability and durability. Screening will also ensure good quality pellet sizes for injection moulding/extrusion removing irregular pellets that may cause poor surface and structural properties within the product being manufactured.

  • Remove and replace different screen mesh apertures and decks quickly, easily, and safely, using quick release clamps.
  • A range of sizes and configurations to match your processes and the type of plastics or polymers you are processing.
  • Diameter sizes from 610mm (24”) to 1,630mm (64”).
  • Controlled product screening ensures comprehensive material separation.
  • Designed with minimal maintenance required this unit provides excellent uptime.
  • Patented air bellow suspension system produces minimal noise and provides less vibration into the units supporting structure compared to springs.

Find Out More About Vibrecon Vibratory Separators

You can find out more about how our Vibrecon vibratory separators support the plastics and polymers industry by reading this case study, in which a vibratory screen separator was used to efficiently sieve and grade plastic and masterbatch plastic pellets.

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