Bulk Handling Equipment

As part of our comprehensive equipment offer for managing bulk materials, we can provide a range of systems to save time and reduce waste at key transfer points within production environments.

Our in-house design and manufacturing teams can develop and produce the ideal piece of equipment to join up your process, improving efficiency through reductions in clean up time and spillage.

Our range includes anything from FIBC 'Big Bag' Dischargers, often the first step in the production's process, to small hoppers and chutes for controlling product part way through a production's line.

Key Advantages of Bulk Handling Equipment

Reduced Waste - controlling product flows enables you to minimise spillage and waste.

Bespoke Systems - all handling equipment is designed and manufactured specifically to achieve your production objectives.

Mild & Stainless - we can manufacture using mild or stainless steels depending on what product is being handled.

FIBC Bag Dischargers
M2 Primetime

Bulk Handling Equipment Applications

The bulk handling systems can be employed anywhere along the production process, from being the first point of discharge for bulk bags entering the facility, to controlling product and outlet of a piece of processing machinery to reduce spillage.

These types of systems have been applied to handling everything from bulk food products to bulk chemical products.

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