Sieve, Screen & Separator Parts

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Sieve, Screen & Separator Parts

As part of our comprehensive aftersales support, Gough supply the complete range of replacement parts required to keep our vibratory sieves, screens and separators running for years.Natural wear means that inevitably some parts will need replacing. When investing in Gough’s screening and separation equipment you can be sure you’ll be able to get the right support at the right time.

Sieving Meshes & Screening Plates

Sieve meshes and screening plates will need replacing eventually.

The replacement rate will depend on many factors including the product that is being handled and rate product is being processed.

See our sieve re-meshing page for details.

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Deck Seals

Deck seals are not only needed to prevent leaks, they also greatly increase the life span of a machine by preventing steel surfaces rubbing against one another under vibration, but they are susceptible to wear and will need replacement.

All seals previously supplied with Gough equipment are available. Different systems will have been supplied with different seals depending on the application. They can be difficult to identify but our Parts & Service department will be able to help.

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Air Bellow, Springs and Rubber Mounts

Vibrating equipment needs to be isolated from its support using some for of suspension. Gough’s range of equipment uses different types of suspension units depending on the piece of equipment and application.

Our Vibrecon Separators use air bellows, Vibraflo and Linear Screens use springs, and Batch Sieves use rubber mounts. All can be supplied loose or fitted as part of a service visit depending on requirements.

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Deck Rims

All our deck rims are manufactured in-house and offer the flexibility of bespoke designs to find the perfect solution to your production requirements. New decks with revised outlet layouts and designs can be incorporated into existing equipment.

Tool-free BFM fittings can also be included to streamline maintenance and cleaning operations. Additional decks can also be added to our Vibrecon Separators as processing requirements change.

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Toggle Clamps

Clamping is a vital part of any vibrating equipment. If parts become loose the vibration of the system can quickly lead to significant damage.

Although the clamps supplied with the equipment are robust, they can need replacement. The clamps are kept in stock and can be supplied at short notice.

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