Vibratory Feeders

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Industrial Grade Product Handling Equipment

Industrial vibrating feeders ideal for delivering even and consistent product flows between production processes.

Electromagnetic Drives


Our linear vibrating feeders are powered by enclosed drive units.

Two types of drives are available:

High Frequency

Our standard unit suitable for most applications. This drive operates at 50 Hz and gives a tray amplitude of 1.5mm.

The high frequency and small amplitude offers greater control when stopping and re-starting product flow.

High Deflection

The more specialized high deflection drive operates at a lower frequency of 30 Hz, and a tray amplitude of 4.5mm.

The greater amplitude is able to convey large and loose particles, which may not move on low amplitude systems.

Vibrating Feeder Features

  1. Enclosed Drive Units – The drive units are IP54 rated, protecting the internal components from dust and moisture.
  2. Controls – Controller can be supplied loose or incorporated into control panels, set to respond to signals from processing equipment, such as multihead weighers and mixers.
  3. Multi Drive Systems – Multiple drives can be fitted for large systems, all wired to the same controller.
  4. Any Length – From 300 mm long lab units, to 4,000 mm long vibratory conveyors.
  5. Any Width – 100 mm to 1,000 mm

Simple & Reliable

Gough’s inline feeders are designed to operate with almost zero maintenance.

Feeder tray design is kept simple for easy cleaning.

The electromagnetic coil and magnet are encapsulated in epoxy to eliminate movement for trouble-free operation, and long-life composite springs are included as standard.

In the rare event a drive fails, they can be unbolted and a replacement fitted by site technicians, with no need for re-tuning.

Manufactured to Requirements

All vibratory feeders supplied by Gough are custom designed and manufactured at our UK factory to meet your processing needs. We can include:

Special Inlets and Outlets

To give the best connection to your existing equipment, we can include inlets and outlets to any shape or size.

We can also offer BFM fittings and connections for tool-free maintenance.

Enclosing Covers

Systems can be supplied with enclosing covers to minimise dust escape and prevent contamination.

Covers can be secured with toggle clamps for fast removal.

Screening Plates

Fine particles can be removed from products using screening plates.

Perforated plates or woven wire mesh screens can be included.

Screening Feeders

The systems can include large screening areas for general classification and separation.

Or small screens at the end of the tray to filter out fines particles.

Separate outlets are then included for the different size particles.



For over 70 years, companies have turned to Gough Engineering for their experience in materials handling.


Gough vibrating feeders are used in many different ways, including feeding:

  • multihead weighers
  • conveyors
  • elevators
  • mixers
  • screening equipment

Industries that use our feeder include:

  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • Abrasives
  • Plastics


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