Vibratory Tubular Feeders Product Information

The Gough Tubular Feeder is a fully enclosed, heavy-duty conveying system driven by twin vibratory motors, mounted on coil springs.

The tubular feeder offers a consistent, even flow of product, and is simple and robust enough to operate without intervention in harsh manufacturing environments.

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Key Advantages of vibratory Tubular Feeders

No Moving Parts - The vibratory tubular feeder has no internal moving parts in contact with the product, greatly reducing the possibility of contamination or damaging the product.

Smooth, Even Feed - The vibration gives a smooth, consistent and predictable product feed.

Simple and Safe - The system is simple to maintain, and can be safely operated in any environment.

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Construction of Vibratory Tubular Feeders

Stainless Option - Tubular feeders can be constructed from either mild or stainless steels achieving corrosion resistance and durability as the application requires.

Fully Enclosed - Tubular feeders offer fully enclosed conveying, capturing dust and preventing contamination.

Special Linings - Non-stick and corrosion resistant linings can all be applied to the inside of the feeder tubes to improve performance and longevity as required.

Easy Cleaning - The tubular feeder system can be constructed with removable end caps allowing easy cleaning access.

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