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Gough Engineering has over the decades worked very closely with many types of manufacturing companies who specialise in the demanding food and beverages industry. We have supplied trademarked sieve, screen and separator production equipment as well as our trademark Swinglink bucket elevators.

Testimony to their superior design these machines have been in operation for over 25+ years. Our in-house engineering team understand the requirements to supply a machine for all the necessary food safety standards and others like EC and UKCA conformity, the UK Food Safety Act / EC Official Controls of Foodstuffs Directive with FDA understanding.

We can also provide guidance on ATEX ratings and a large number of options for strict hygiene requirements.

Below are some examples of our applications within the Food Industry. 


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Bakeries and Baking

Bakery Image

If you are producing grain based foods such as breads, cakes, pies, pastries, baked pet treats or similar foods, a bakery sieve from Gough Engineering can provide better quality assurance for your value product materials processing. We can combine and include specific design elements to make sure you have the perfect system in place for reliable operations.

These options can include operator and machine platform designs to elevate the sieve from the ground if bagging or collection hoppers are required underneath – not to mention the additional advantages of magnets to remove any potential ferrous material. Extra panels with extraction points and complete hood systems to retain airborne particles from entering the surrounding environment can also be included. 


Baking  flours  powders  grains   maize   cake mix  seeds  ingredients


Internal Quality Assurance  Sieving  Lump Removal  Batching  Scalping    



Since the first John Cadbury shop in 1824 the confectionary industry has been supplied on many occasions with various Gough process and handling equipment. If you make cocoa based products from chocolate, shewing gum, candy, sweets including wrapped sweets the Swinglink bucket elevator for example is a proven solution and an ideal choice in delicate product transfer handling.

This multi-billion pound industry continues to grow each year and Gough can support the global demands by providing superb equipment and fantastic parts backup with a good stock of items for quick despatch if you need them from our works in the midlands, UK.


Material Transfer  Wrapped Sweets  Delicate Handling Popcorn Crisps Fragile Foods Smooth Motion


Elevating Wrapped Sweets


Gough Swinglink® Bucket Elevator
























The nutrition industry globally is predicted to reach almost £348 billion by 2025 and is growing at a rate of aroung 6.6% each year.

This huge industry is supported by Gough Engineering in its supply of quality sieving, separation and material handling transfer systems.

Applications can include powdered nutritional supplements requiring additional sieving processes to maintain high quality assurance in the manufacturing of powdered product. Other separation processes, Big Bag Dischargers and  bucket elevators with gentle handling designed with superb reliability have also been supplied for this industry.


Powders  Supplements  Ingredients  Sustainability  Premixes  Feed Specialties  Feed Additives  Proteins  Blends  Formulations


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The ingredients used today in foods can vary in health needs such as glutens, or visual colourings, flavourings, preservatives and extended alternatives product ranges for soya or plant based products. All these types of ingredients require accurate quality processes control and Gough Engineering has supplied many solutions around the world over the years with a proven track record.

If you are working in the dairy, ingredients or food related sectors, Gough Engineering can design and supply the right equipment for your needs in sieving, separation or material transfer using bucket elevators, big bag handling and more.


Material Transfer  Agriculture  Commodities  Good Taste & Texture    Specialty Ingredients 






We supply to some of the world’s biggest brands.

Village Bakery
Premier Foods
The Weetabix Food Company
Ga Pet Food Partners
Mondelez international
British Bakeries


Experts in food processing equipment for sieving, separating and transferring your food product safely and effectively.


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