Vibratory Sieves, Screens and Separators

Vibratory Sieves, Screens & Separators offer efficient and accurate screening and separation of a wide array of products.

The systems typically use meshes or perforated plates to give an aperture that separates based on particle size. The vibration is generated by an ‘out-of- balance’ vibratory motor. The motors are set up so the vibration moves product across the screening area, and eventually towards the outlets.

This action means the screening area is continually being cleared, allowing more product to be processed.

We provide a variety of products in this area including; Vibratory SeparatorsVibraflo ScreensPharmaceutical Sifters and more. We also provide optional extras and an equipment hire service.

Key Advantages of Vibratory Sieves, Screens & Separators

High Throughputs - Designed for efficient product flow, vibratory sieves, screens and separators give excellent rates of throughput.

Adjustable Vibration - The amplitude of the vibration can be adjusted, so the amount of time the product spends on the screen can be controlled for optimum separation and throughput.

Minimum Downtime - All the systems are simple, robust and reliable, as well as being easy to strip down and maintain.

Tried & Tested - The systems are all based on tried and tested design principles, and have been developed using decades of experience.

Read our case studies to see how Gough’s screens, sieves and separators can be put to use.

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Stainless Linear Screen

Vibratory Sieves, Screens and Separators Applications

Vibratory sieves, screens and separators have a surprisingly wide variety of potential applications.

They are typically used for sieving ingredients to improve quality and prepare for processing, check screening powders and liquids for safety and to remove any lumps or contaminants, and separating out under and oversize particles to leave the target product.

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