Industrial Vibrating Sieves

Industrial sieving equipment is essential in applications that require a thorough sieving solution to eliminate unwanted or foreign objects – the equipment will avoid these objects from passing through to the next stage of a manufacturing process.

Industrial sieving equipment is used in applications spanning:

  • food manufacturing;
  • plastics and polymer manufacturing;
  • agricultural and recycling processes; and
  • chemical or pharmaceutical production processes.

Mechanical sieves at Gough Engineering

Our mechanical sieves are carefully designed to address the specifications of each individual application. We have the capabilities and expertise to build bespoke machinery that ensures a high-quality end product, improves productivity and efficiency, and is easy to maintain. Gough’s expert and consultative approach in the manufacturing of industrial vibrating sieves is down to years of experience and forward-thinking advancements in the industry. We will provide the right solution for your materials management and transferring duties.

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Key Advantages

Productivity – Our industrial sieves are capable of sieving large batches of product quickly and reliably with excellent throughput rates. By providing the right sieve for your requirements from the start, and with simple maintenance routines, your sieve will stay working at its full capacity for longer.

Efficiency – By challenging the issues that cause sieves to be inefficient, such as sieve blinding and static electricity, we have developed a range of machines to overcome these obstacles, and keep operations running at maximum efficiency.

Easy maintenance – Industrial sieves from Gough Engineering are simple to clean and require little maintenance to retain efficiency and productivity.

Quality of end product – Our vibrating sieves give you confidence that your product is free of any unwanted or foreign objects and is of the highest quality, every time.

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Industrial Vibrating Sieves Applications

Food separation – Gough industrial sieves meet the latest HSE regulations and are expertly designed to process large, heavy amounts of product quickly and efficiently to produce a uniformed and high-quality end product. Our machines are used in a large number of food production processes including powders, pellets, emulsions and extruded snacks.

Plastics – Pellet uniformity is crucial in order to achieve the best possible results in plastics or polymer manufacturing. Irregularly shaped or contaminated pellets will result in a poor-quality end product that is not fit for purpose, and can damage machinery used in the production process.

Pharmaceuticals – Above any other application, product quality is most crucial in pharmaceutical and chemical processes. Gough Engineering provides vibrating sieves specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry to achieve accurate grading and eliminate product contamination.

Recycling – Our range of industrial sieves are highly productive and efficient in waste separation in a large number of applications, including metals, plastics, paper, rubber and glass.

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