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WORLD CLASS Pharmaceutical Sifters

Specially designed for pharmaceutical and chemical processing, the Vibrecon Pharmaceutical Sifter guarantees accurate and complete sifting and separation.

Pellet Screen Product Information

The Vibrecon Pellet Screener is an adapted version of the classic Vibrecon system, specifically designed for processing plastic, rubber and masterbatch pellets and granules.

The pellet screeners can be built up to remove oversize, undersize or both at the same time, separating out only the ideal pellets for your downstream production processes.

The system offers great reliability, guarantees thorough screening, and is available with special lowered deckware so the unit can fit directly below preinstalled pelletiser output chutes.

While we typically recommend circular pellet screeners, we are happy to supply linear pellet screening systems as requested

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Key Advantages of Pharmaceutical Sifter

  1. Accurate Grading – Thorough and accurate grading are achieved by controlling product sifting time, allowing for complete separation.
  2. Multiple Separations – The Pharmaceutical Sifter can be stacked with up to four screening decks, separating in up to five fractions.
  3. Reduced Downtime – The simple and robust design will continue to function with very little mechanical intervention.
  4. Range of Sizes – The sifters are available in a range of sizes so processes requiring any rate of throughput can be accommodated.
Smooth Design The separator has been designed to eliminate any surfaces where dust may rest, reducing the risk of contaminating the product.
High Grade Steel The separator is manufactured from low carbon grade 316L stainless steel, which eliminates the possibility of metal impurities contaminating the production environment.
Air Bellow Suspension Vibrecon Separators use a patented air bellow suspension system that gives a low noise operation and lasts far longer than conventional springs.
Additional Options The system can be fitted with a range of optional components to suit your process; including top covers, ultrasonics, and castors for mobility.


We supply equipment to some of the world’s biggest brands.

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