Heavy Duty Feeders Product Information

The Gough Heavy Duty Feeder is a twin motor vibratory product conveyor with coil spring suspension.

It is a robust system designed to operate in tough environments, handling materials that would quickly degrade and break less durable conveying systems.

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Key Advantages of Heavy Duty Feeders

No Moving Parts - Only solid steel surfaces come into contact with the product, allowing the system to handle extremely harsh products.

Even Feeds - The vibration gives a smooth, consistent and predictable product feed.

Simple and Reliable - The system is simple to maintain, and requires very little maintenance.

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Heavy Duty Feeders Construction

Steel Grade Options - Mild steel, stainless steel or Hardox plates can be specified to suit the application.

Enclosed or Open Trays - Feeder trays can be open or enclosed to capture dust and prevent contamination.

Wear Plate Option - The feeder tray can be fitted with replaceable wear plates. When handling highly abrasive materials, this option is a low-cost method of greatly increasing the working life of a feeder.

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