Batch Sieve Information

The Batch Sieve is a compact vibratory system that improves both product quality and safety by breaking down lumps and filtering out oversize particles, contaminants and debris.

The high, seamless deck rim allows a batch of product to be loaded, while the gentle vibratory action encourages an efficient flow of product with minimal supervision.

The batch sieve can be secured in place on a fixed framework, or mounted on a mobile stand, making it a versatile piece of equipment that can be easily manoeuvred around any facility.

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Key Advantages of a Batch Sieve

Easy Maintenance – The simple system requires little maintenance, and will continue to operate with minimal intervention.

Robust Design – The durable and robust design can handle industrial processing applications.

Efficient processing – The vibratory action encourages a steady product flow, reducing the time needed for sieving.

Size options – The Batch Sieve comes in a range of sizes to match your production needs.

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Batch Sieve Design

Compact - The compact design means the system can be squeezed into tight production environments, without the need to rearrange production layouts.

Quick Release Clamping - Pull down toggle clamping means the system can be stripped down without tools, and quickly reassembled to get back in production.

Additional Options - Top covers, flexible connectors and mobile stands are a few of the options that can be included.

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