How to handle abrasive products

Abrasive materials can destroy handling equipment.

Many different types of handling systems can be used with abrasive products, but they must be adapted to be suitable.

Abrasive Effects

Abrasive products will wear handling equipment away until it fails.

As the abrasive products move across the surfaces of the handling and conveying equipment, they gradually wear the surfaces away.

Abrasive Effects

Inspection, Spares & Maintenance

Setting up an internal system to regularly check equipment for signs of advanced wear is also an important part of the process. This will help prevent unexpected breakdowns and loss of production.

Moving parts within systems such as chains and ropes; and parts directly in contact with the product will need regular replacement.

This means that selecting a manufacturer who provides good service and has spare parts readily available should be a major consideration when selecting a supplier of equipment.

Inspection, Spares & Maintenance

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