How to convey mixtures and blends

Not all equipment is suitable for handling mixtures and blends.

Below we discuss some of the challenges involved, and recommend the types of equipment to use.

Achieve a consistent mix

Ingredient mixtures, the type used to create baked products, will require an even mix to produce a quality final product.

Even simple snack mixes which are delivered to customers in packets, need to be mixed to provide the experience a customer expects. Failure to deliver this experience will ultimately affect the appeal of the product.

Achieve a consistent mix

Equipment for moving mixed content

Suitable pieces of equipment include bucket elevators and aero-mechanical conveyors.

Bucket elevators are best for larger particles sizes. Product remains static inside the bucket as the bucket moves. This means any mixtures are maintained as they were when they entered the system.

Aero-mechanical conveyors are best for powdered mixes. The powders remain suspended in pockets of air that are pushed around the system.

Equipment for moving mixed content


We supply Bucket Elevators to some of the world’s biggest brands.

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