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For discharging a variety of products into a production line, FIBC ‘Big Bag’ Dischargers capture dust and eliminate product spillage and contamination.

Gough Big bag

Gough Big bag Discharger GBB

FIBC / ‘Big Bag’ Dischargers Information

FIBC ‘Big Bag’ Dischargers are a lifting and support structure to simplify the process of emptying large and cumbersome FIBC Big Bags.

The dischargers typically consist of a supporting framework, hoist and chute. The system allows a ‘big bag’ to be lifted from the floor level, moved into position above the receiver, and to then control the rate and flow of discharge.

The system can be built to include vibratory motors to encourage consistent flow, extended chutes to reduce spillage, and slide valves to regulate product flow rates.

Key Advantages of a FIBC Discharger

  1. Eliminate Product Loss – Built-in discharge chutes channel product from the Big Bag into a designated receiver, eliminating any product loss.
  2. Capture Dust – The chute section wraps around the lower outlet of the Big Bag, preventing dust escape.
  3. Prevent Contamination – The enclosing chute section means no potential contaminants can enter the product being discharged.
  4. Improved Safety – The ability to handle the large, heavy bags securely means safety is greatly improved.
Built for Purpose All systems are custom built, and so can be made with your specific needs in mind.
Controlled Discharge Manual and pneumatic slide valves regulate product flow rates.
High Discharge Rates Systems can include a vibratory motor to encourage product flow and increase discharge rates.
Mild & Stainless Systems can be built from mild steel, stainless steel, or a combination depending on processing standards required.


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