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Solutions for product trials and material evaluation

As part of our service, we maintain a small range of equipment that we make available for a period of two weeks up to six months.

Our equipment can not only be hired, but is also kept to facilitate product trials aimed at evaluating material flow and determining the ideal mesh or perforated plate aperture sizes. 

Product trials are executed in our in-house laboratory, where we can document the results, including video recordings, for further analysis. 

In addition to general vibration screening, we have also got advanced ultrasonic capabilities for certain mesh sizes which in some applications prove beneficial to overcome blinding.

Our sieves and screens can be supplied with the appropriate meshes and screening plates to precisely match your requirements. We extend our services with convenient delivery options available throughout the UK. 


Our sieving and screening equipment explained 


Batch Sieve (GBS)

The Gough Batch Sieve is a highly efficient scalping machine that uses a single screen. The main product flow seamlessly passes through the screen, where it’s then collected directly beneath the sieve and its support frame.

Oversized particles are kept on top of the screen, with no automatic flow to a discharge spout.


Vibrecon (GVC)

The Vibrecon vibratory separator introduces a more complex vibration mechanism, producing vibration in both the vertical and circular plane. This combination allows movement of materials across one or two screens and skillfully distributes them through designated spouts.



  • A single screen produces two fractions
  • Two screens produce three fractions
  • Three screens produce four fractions


Vibraflo (GVF)

The Vibraflo vibratory screen uses a single screen only, paired with two out-of-balance motors for excellent throughput of the main product flowing through the machine. As with the GBS, the material is collected underneath the support frame. Oversized particles, on the other hand, are directed out through a dedicated discharge spout.  


Linear Vibratory Screen (GLVS)

The Linear Vibratory Screen is a rectangular screen vibrated using twin out-of-balance motors. This design vibrates material across one or two screens and conveys material from one position to another, covering distances up to 1.200 millimeters. It’s a versatile solution for two key objectives:

  • Precise material screening
  • Controlled transport of material from one location to another over specified distances

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