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FIBC Dischargers – An all Important Piece of Equipment for the Chemical Industry

F.I.B.C dischargers, or ‘Big Bag’ dischargers as they are also known, are important for the economic, dust-free depositing of material onto a production line – and are particularly important for a number of operations within the chemical industry.


What is an FIBC, ‘Big Bag’, ‘Bulk Bag’ or ‘Super Sack’?

FIBC is an abbreviation for ‘Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container’. Used primarily for transporting goods in quantity, these large bags are composed of a strong, plastic-based, flexible fabric and can hold up to weights of approximately 1000kg. They are also lightweight (and therefore can be suspended). Typically, they are manufactured with either one, two or four loops for efficient handling purposes and conveniently fit on to the equipment for many process industries.


What is an FIBC Discharger?

These important pieces of equipment can be used in a variety of industrial applications from transporting fertilisers to dispatching chemical materials by mass. Other sectors that use FIBC dischargers as an integral part to their production line include:

  • Fertilisers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Grains
  • Construction materials
  • Food products


Gough Big Bag System

What are the Main Advantages of Using FIBC Expulsion Machines in the Chemical Industry?

No Contamination

Safe handling can be a significant concern for many industries. One of the key benefits of using FIBC dischargers is that the Big Bag can be lifted straight from the forklift or other transport machinery onto the discharger with minimum contamination.

Dust Control

Again, it cannot be reiterated enough how important it is to ensure that cargo in the chemical industry is not contaminated. FIBC Dischargers ensure that the chute section wraps around the lower outlet to ensure that that unwanted dust cannot contaminate the chemicals being transported.

Safe Handling

This is potentially one of the most important advantages of using Bulk bag dischargers. Depending on the chemical cargo, certain loads may be particularly dangerous in terms of weight and also human handling. Heavy bags are easily held up by the dischargers and potentially harmful chemicals remain at a safe distance for employees.

Want to take a look at a Gough’s FIBC Dischargers? Click here.


Big Bag Discharger


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