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Crisps Conveying and Elevating System


The Task

A foods supplier in London required a conveying and elevating system for the continuous transferring of potato crisps at the in-feed station.

This new machinery would allow for spill free multiple load points and multiple selectable discharge stations.


The Solution

The patented Gough Swinglink Bucket Elevator can carry up to 50m³ per hour, with bucket sizes ranging from 9 to 36 inches. A versatile bucket conveying and elevating system, in a robust and durable design, will transport a bulk product from one interface point in the process to its next position.

Swinglink bucket elevators have a continuous patented chain and bucket design with overlapping lips that present a continuous row of buckets at the in-feed station. This allows for spill-free multiple load points and multiple selectable discharge stations.

Feeders Conveyor Schemes


The Result

The construction of the bucket elevators are all bespoke designs fabricated in stainless steel or mild steel construction material, with a sheet or tubular design. It also features clear, solid or perforated covers and optional multiple discharges and inlet feeds for customer flexibility.

The Gough bucket design allows the buckets to remain upright throughout circuit to ensure product integrity. Options exist for clean-in-place capabilities for maximum cleanliness with smooth bucket surfaces which eliminate product trap areas. The heavy-duty patented chains are designed for increased throughputs and increased production rates.

The various materials of construction for chains can meet specific process applications and ensure long-life durability and reliability with a wash-through chain design for maximum cleanliness and superior sanitation.

Gough’s association with the growing snack foods supplier has been an enjoyable one and Gough’s Swinglink Bucket Elevators are proving to drive an efficient and resourceful factory that demands high throughput levels through a reliable and constant flow of product 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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