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The Gough Bakery Sieve is a batch sieving system, specifically designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of the food industry.

Available in a range of specifications, the enclosed sieving station captures dust to meet the latest Health & Safety Executive (HSE) legislation aimed at reducing occupational asthma in the baking industry.

The vibrating sieving mesh is able to quickly process large batches of ingredients, ranging from dry flour to liquid chocolate.

The quick release clamping and hinged enclosure allows fast, easy and regular cleaning, while a simple design philosophy minimises maintenance requirements, leaving more time for product.

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Key Advantages of a Bakery Sieve

HSE Compliant - Enclosing hood captures dust to conform to the latest HSE legislation on occupational asthma reduction.

Reduced Downtime - The simple and robust design will continue to function with very little mechanical maintenance.

Faster Processing - The vibratory action encourages a steady flow of product, producing high-quality ingredients in a minimum amount of time.

Safer Handling - The unit includes a ‘rip & tip’ station to take the weight of the bag while it is opened and emptied, reducing manual handling risks.

Bakery Sieve

Bakery Sieve Design

Dust Capture - Enclosing hood contains dust emission and includes a nozzle to link to existing extraction systems.

Spill Free - Enclosed design minimises spillage, reducing product loss and clean up time.

Low Noise - The system is designed to be as quite as possible and can be used without the need for ear protection.

Model Options - The bakery sieve system is available in a range of specifications, from just the vibratory sieve section to a full enclosed capture system.

bakery sieve

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