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Why Should You Consider Using a Batch Sieve?


Many industrial and manufacturing processes depend on raw materials and ingredients that are free from contamination, such as in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or plastics industries. If raw materials are less than perfect, the quality or safety of the finished product can be compromised. Batch sieving machines are easy to use and are highly effective and are used in short production runs, or small batch production. Production and efficiency benefits include:

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Better Product Quality

Oversized particles or contaminants in powders and liquids can be a serious flaw in manufacturing processes. Without thorough sifting and sieving, it is difficult to achieve consistent product quality or performance. Certain customers or supply chains can accept a small level of deviation in product parameters but in some industries, any contamination can create issues for the end user or consumer. Batch sieving, a value adding process within production systems, is a reliable method to ensure product material specifications are consistent, avoiding downstream production quality issues.

Durable And Easy To Clean

As hygiene is essential in certain industrial processes, batch sieves are designed and manufactured to maintain their surface integrity for regular clean / wash downs using stainless steel and powder coated surfaces giving an excellent, anti-corrosive properties. They can also be quickly disassembled using release toggle clamps, without the need for specialist tools. This enables decks to be separated quickly from the main base unit for thorough wash downs.

Excellent Manoeuvrability

For practicality, batch sieves may need to be used at different times and locations within a manufacturing facility. Our batch sieves are fitted with durable, lockable castors for easy manoeuvrable with the minimum of effort.

Efficient Processing

Productivity is always important within industrial manufacturing systems, with the correct product machine and mesh specification, there will be less of a need to re-sieve, delivering optimum results with maximum efficiency.

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