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4 Reasons Why Your Industrial Sieve Might Need To Be Re-Meshed

industrial-sieve-remeshingBatch sieving machines play a vital role in removing contaminants from small batches of product material such as, powders across many different industries. There are a number of key components crucial in ensuring the sieves run optimally over time. One of those components is the sieve mesh –why should you consider re-meshing your industrial sieves and what benefits will it bring?

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1) Reduced Tension Affects Performance

Many industries need to sieve their raw materials during production, and woven wire mesh acts as an effective filter to remove contaminants. However, despite excellent strength and durability, wire mesh can lose tension over time, affecting its ability to deliver the performance required to achieve optimum product quality. At Gough Engineering, we can fit new mesh to your Gough circular or rectangular frames.

2) Undamaged Meshes Deliver Consistent Separation And Productivity

A worn or loose mesh on its supporting frame can decrease operational performance and lower product quality output. By re-meshing your industrial sieves, you can be confident that your equipment will continue to deliver consistent sieving and ensures excellent product quality standards.

3) Delaying Re-Meshing Exposes Your Production Line To Problems

The prompt re-meshing of industrial sieves is important to prevent problems from affecting productivity and quality assurance. As sieves wear or slacken, they become vulnerable to failure, with manufacturing downtime likely. Instead of waiting until the last minute, timely re-meshing will minimise disruption and ensure you have a reliable supply of high-quality meshes.

 4) Mesh Replacement Is fast And Effective

Replacing industrial sieve meshes needn’t be a prolonged and inconvenient process. At Gough Engineering, for all our sieving and separator core products; Batch/Bakery Sieve (GBS), Vibrecon® (GVC) / Vibraflo® (GVF) machines; different meshes can be quickly and easily replaced. Quick release toggle clamps make changing meshes simple – maybe a spare mesh is need for minimal downtime during changeover?

For Comprehensive Sieve Re-Meshing, Contact Gough Engineering

At Gough Engineering, we offer a comprehensive industrial sieve re-meshing service. As a market leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of industrial sieves and screens, we are the first choice for all your re-meshing needs.

To enquire about our industrial vibrating sieve re-meshing service, please call us today on 01782 567770 or send us an enquiry and one of our friendly team will be delighted to assist you.

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