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Why You Should Consider Using Industrial Batch Sieves in Your Factory


Industrial batch sieves are sifters using mechanical vibration that can quickly process small-scale production runs of fine, dry-powder products to separate contaminants, clumps or debris from good product.

We recommend batch sieves for small volume sieving processes and short production runs for powdered products such as flour, for example. Batch sieves enable fast processing times and are ideal for batch loading using bags or sacks up to 25 kg in weight. In this article, we look at how industrial batch sieves work and the benefits of adopting them on your production line.

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How Do Industrial Batch Sieves Work


Industrial small-scale batch sieves use a combination of gentle, continual reciprocating mechanical vibration through screen specified aperture sizes to reduce the time required for sieving the product using a manual operation.

A product is deposited onto the mesh screen, allowing fast and simple quality checks for the separation of particles of different sizes. Depending on the mesh aperture size the sieve can filter out contaminants and impurities (e.g. dirt, debris from discharge bags), agglomerates meaning larger material clumps and even for example human contaminants (e.g. hairs, plastic shards, gloves). Any unwanted material is safely trapped on the topside of the mesh and removed when  cleaned. The sieving cycle can be repeated several times to ensure an even greater degree of sieving accuracy.

Magnetic fields can also be installed to remove ferrous / micro-metal contaminates. This additional option can provide even better performance in sustaining excellent product quality control for further processing in a production line. Industrial batch sieves can also be integrated with dust extraction equipment and remove airborne fine dust particles from entering the surrounding areas of the sieving process location.

Batch sieves aren't just useful for primary check sieving. They're also commonly used as a second stage check if required using different mesh sizes. The equipment can be a continual process if combined with more pre and post equipment automation or simply used individually as required per batch.

The Benefits of Using Batch Sieves

  • Quiet operation – industrial batch sieves are quiet and easy-to-use, with rubber mountings to reduce vibrations, and covers available to limit product noise. Noise output is product dependent, but for most materials the noise level is less than 55 dB.
  • Low power consumption provides cost-effective operation.
  • Compact and portable – Batch sieves are adaptable to different production lines, store away neatly, and are unobtrusive while in use. Castor mountings allow easy mobility and location repositioning. Castors can also be locked into position for greater stability. Some batch sieves may be mounted on a support stand or integrated into a fully enclosed Rip & Tip unit with an extraction system. The support stand can also be designed to accommodate various sizes of bins and types specified by the client.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – Industrial batch sieves have minimal parts and are constructed using an easy-to-use clamping arrangements, making them quick and easy to disassemble. This reduces downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Most batch sieves are constructed from stainless steel, helping keep the equipment free of corrosion and enables efficient cleaning.

Industrial Batch Sieves From Gough Engineering

At Gough Engineering, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality, ultra-hygienic sieving equipment for commercial kitchens. Please contact our technical sales team to find out more.

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