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What Are the Benefits of a Vibratory Screen?

vibratory-screenA vibratory screen (using either a circular or alternatively a linear type as depicted above) plays a crucial role in providing a value adding process to classify goods from unwanted products but what are the specific benefits that this type of equipment can offer to businesses? Let's take a closer look at some of the key advantages of using a vibratory screen as part of your production plant.

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1) Accurate Product Separation

The design of a vibratory screen makes it possible for you to achieve accurate separation of product whereby non-valued product can be removed in your production . For example, if you run a plastic masterbatch manufacturing plant that requires accurate separation of particle sizes a circular vibratory screener can make this process automatic with individual exit chutes with fast throughput.

2) Compact

Space can be a real problem when installing machinery within an existing production layout. All our units have a compact design with great ergonomic features where attention to detail is always applied especially when configuring operator stations that combine steps, elevated platforms, extraction and control units.

3) Easy Clean

The Gough design for both circular and linear screens incorporates easy strip down and assembly procedures, with easy-clean features designed to be conducted by one person. Utilising strong push-down toggle clamps holding a number of decks together, to a simple slide-out linear mesh screen on a linear vibratory screen give the operators confidence and hassle-free operation and maintenance. Also, this allows using interchangeable screening plates & meshes to adjust precise fractional performance.

4) Lower Processing Costs

A vibratory screen with its direct drives (used on the Vibrecon units) a unique air bellow system provides a very low energy method to vibrate one or more screens to generate the right product separation. Further to this, motor settings on the machine can be adjusted to provide a more gentle vertical and horizontal motion or a more aggressive motion depending on the nature of the product being handled. The end result provides a low-energy method for fast, quality separation of material for your production runs.

5) Reliable Components With Minimal Maintenance

No matter if you're working in the pharmaceutical, recycling or agriculture industry, long term durability and ease of maintenance are critical. That's why it's important to look for a vibratory screen separator with strong support frames, high quality surface treatments specific to your industry. All our product ranges use reliable components for long service lives – all available from our stocks. This all helps to reduce unscheduled downtime and lowers your total cost of ownership for the plant, delivering a better long-term ROI.

6) Tailored Application Settings

Apart from the fine tuning of a vibratory screen, Gough Engineering with its experienced in-house design team can provide the right resources to design larger scope projects involving a combination of sieves, screens, hoppers, bucket elevators and feeders and more with high-quality, heavy-duty industrial solutions ensuring careful transfer of the desired product through the process.

What Next?

Gough Engineering offers a wide range of product handling solutions for various applications, including bucket elevators and vibratory feeding equipment. To discuss your application or to find out more, please call 01782 567770 today.

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