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Why Are Vibrating Sieves So Important To The Food, Snacks And Confectionery Industry?

In the twenty first century, vibrating sieves are used to break down oversized lumps and improve the quality of ingredients during the production of food.

Although sieving has always been a part of the food production process, it was not always so easy on a large scale…


The evolution of the sieve – why does the food industry use vibratory sieve systems?

In the studies of ancient technology, sieving was one of most important operations to exist within the kitchen. As early as ancient Egypt, sieves were constructed using reeds, rushes or papyrus. Transcending through centuries, the construction of sieves evolved from basic earthy products into metal mesh.

Fortunately for us, the days of constructing sieves from leaves are over. Mass commercialisation means that the food industry is always innovating and developing new and exciting methods to get produce to consumers quickly – and sieves play an integral part.


The importance of the vibrating sieve in food production

An extensive amount of food, snacks and confectionary companies rely on sieving as part of a production process. The use of vibratory sieves ensures accurate separation of products and is essential for quality assurance in the manufacturing of food.


Benefits of using vibrating sieves include:

  • Lumps of product are broken down by the sieving mesh
  • Faster sieving means higher throughputs
  • Reduced sieve blinding and blockages reduces cleaning requirements


Gough Vibraflo 70


What type of vibratory sieve should you use if you are looking to improve your confectionary or bakery production line?

  • Vibratory Batch Sieve – This style of sieve is excellent for any food production facility, large or small. Not only is it robust, but it is compact and manoeuvrable. The batch sieve is a versatile system that has been used in applications including sieving flour, sugar, salt and biscuit crumbs, as well as separating nuts and raisins from melted chocolate bars for reworking. The compressed design makes it ideal for laboratories for food testing and bakeries.
  • The Gough Bakery Sieve – The clue is in the name and this expertly designed machine is at home in a bakery setting. The purpose of the bakery sieve is to be able to withstand large and heavy batches of ingredients, like flour and sugar. Its vibrating sieving mesh is able to process any product quickly and efficiently, removing lumps to leave quality ingredients. The simplicity of this machine minimises maintenance requirements, leaving more time for processing product. The enclosed sieving station is designed for dust control, which means it will capture any loose particles in order to follow the latest HSE legislation that aims at preventing asthma in the baking industry.


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