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The SpiderFrame (GSF) combines the power of material separation

together with a triple Big Bag receiving station layout.

Gough SpiderFrame no bags

Gough SpiderFrame


Gough Engineering is always challenging accepted methods and keen to develop better material handling equipment designs in a world of ever changing customer requirements to achieve better operations performance.

The Gough SpiderFrame is a new solution for applications where there is a need for 3 fraction separation and collection in one unique unit.

It utilises the outstanding Gough Vibrecon® Vibratory Separator, a unique support frame with a choice in receiving bag sizes tailored to your requirements.


Gough SpiderFrame with bags


In 2021, Gough’s design and engineering team produced a unique solution for a customer in the UK – the Vibrecon SpiderFrame. It combined out-of-the-box thinking and practical engineering knowledge to identify the best solution.

It allows a Gough Vibrecon Vibratory Separator to sit off the floor with the exiting spouts directly allowing material to flow over 1, 2 or 3 Big Bag fraction arrangements. This can be designed specifically for your needs.

Bolted to the floor or deck steelwork, the SpiderFrame allows the bags to retain their full shape as materials flows into them from the separator. Forklifts can then remove the Bags from the frame as and when required.

Where applicable a big bag discharge system can deposit directly into the Vibrecon and then separate into the individual big bags.

Used in the Following Industries


PolymerIcon Pharma Icon Food Icon Chemical Icon Recycling2 icon

Accurate Grading

The Vibrecon® Vibrating Separator achieves highly accurate particle separation versus linear screening systems.

Accuracy is achieved by maximising the time the product spends on the screening area.

Product is fed onto the centre of the screen, and the gyratory action of the centrally mounted motor causes the product to spiral out from the centre.

Oversize moves around the edge of the deck to an outlet, while the remainder falls through the screening medium.

Gough Vibraflo


We supply Bucket Elevators to some of the world’s biggest brands.

barry callebaut
british bakeries
GA Pet Food Partners
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