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Why It’s Important To Service Your Machine Regularly

The importance to service and maintain your machine regularly is to keep it functioning and operating at 100% efficiency. Using, for example, daily inspections can drive the level of response required the engineers. Management can therefore identify suitable quick adjustments required or to plan a larger, scheduled repair or service action plan.

Employers also have a legal obligation to ensure correct maintenance of their material handling equipment and machinery in the workplace.

The true cost of breakdowns can be difficult to measure as it can impact overall production uptime. Ramifications further down the production line can have a significant reduction in overall production capacity and scheduled delivery times to customers.

One aspect more in focus with companies today who embrace the importance of health and safety will ultimately avoid unnecessary human risk in resolving problems while production continues. Trying to complete a quick fix due to operational pressures can put staff at risk. A planned service or repair plan will ultimately lead to a safer working practice. 


Issues due to production equipment faults or breakdowns

Untimely breakdowns caused by underperforming equipment will have a negative impact on any company. Here are just a few of the issues that occur as a result of faulty equipment:

  1. Reduced uptime due to poor equipment utilisation levels
  2. Expensive part replacements as mechanical and electrical failures occur over time.
  3. Greater repair costs can occur if not fixed earlier on.
  4. Reduced productivity. 
  5. Longer downtime due to longer component ordering lead times.

Having regular machine servicing significantly reduces the effects of faulty machines as they ensure that parts are still in good working order. They identify and rectify faults during a maintenance schedule and not in the middle of production.



Identifying failures before they become a larger problem

Proactive and preventative maintenance scheduling is key to avoiding as many potential equipment failures as possible such as inconvenient breakdowns and repair costs. In order to prevent costly issues from happening it’s important to organise routine servicing on your material handling machines. Identifying failures can be a mixture of knowing what has been required historically in the replacement of parts but also planning for the future if production hours are to increase or identifying a need for larger material throughput rates. These aspects can be used to move away from a reactive position in Fixing Failures to more Predictive and Preventative actions.   


A good machine service plan

A good service plan should include the following aspects:

  1. maintenance work defined at a set time and date.
  2. A controlled repair or service job with health and safety procedures identified.
  3. An overall evaluation of your machine by experienced engineers.
  4. Preventative measures to maintain the smooth running of your equipment as expected with the equipment performance specifications.
  5. Identification, supply and timely delivery of required service or replacement parts.
  6. Allocation of known resources
  7. Clear maintenance budgets and associated costs
  8. Availability planning of necessary resources.


Keep your machine running efficiently

When your machines are running effectively your plant is running smoothly. A well-run plant enjoys a high level of productivity which enables companies to meet supply and demand on time. This in turn leads to greater reliability and a longer equipment lifespan. Overall, a reliable and productive plant is a profitable one.


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