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Ideal Food Sieving Process for Bakeries

With the global pandemic certain companies needed to invest in greater production capacity to meet their manufactured product demand. This has been reported in a variety of industries especially in food and in particular those specializing in core bakery products.

A number of companies are moving into additional product ranges to provide customers a greater choice of their branded products even branching out on the more healthy products ranges. This has led to further capital investment on additional machinery as well as increasing staffing levels.

At Gough Engineering’s design department the staff have continued producing the drawings for the production team to fabricate the equipment. This bakery sieving station has also been selected as the best approach and ideally suited for a number of premier UK food manufacturers.

The Brief

One food company in Wales required a solution to provide a better quality sieving process combining a safe, user friendly and effective operation within their production facilities.

Required to be manually fed by operators on various food ingredients and seeds, the sieving unit should have an aperture of 1mm stainless steel aperture bonded to a stainless-steel frame with the units construction specified to the required equipment standards for the food industry. Due to the nature of the ingredients a protective hood was required as well as the size of the support framework to be designed for a specific bin size to sit directly underneath the unit. Extraction points were also specified to be integrated in the customer’s current extraction system.


How Did Gough Engineering Help?

With a good relationship with the customer Gough Engineering drafted the design of the sieving unit comprising of the following features:

  1. Two anti-slip steps to enable the operator to easily complete debagging of the material into the sieve.
  2. Either side of the steps are two hand rails built in to the sieving frame and support stand.
  3. An ergonomically designed tipping hood with gas struts for easy opening and closing to reduce any fines entering the surrounding environment.
  4. The unique Gough design utilises easy to use pull down toggle clamps for simple mesh separation and allow quick cleaning for daily washdowns.
  5. Gough also designed the correct height requirements for specific bin sizes to be positioned directly underneath the sieve.
  6. A magnet was also installed underneath the sieve to remove any ferrous material therefore achieving high levels of food safety and quality during sieving operations. The magnet grid can be easily removed and taken away from the production environment for cleaning.
  7. Simplified power switches within easy reach for the operator to start and stop the sieve.
Gough Sieving Station
Sieve Station Manufactured
Bakery Sieve
Bakery Sieve Closeup
Bakery Sieve MagnetMagnet

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