A Combined Sieve and Conveying Mobile Solution

A Combined Sieve and Conveying Mobile Solution

Gough Floveyor and Sieve Assembly

Today, Gough Engineering is providing effective solutions to minimise or remove manual handling issues and wherever possible to improve the process under evaluation through our Design Department. Using a creative concept & design process with modern material handling technology the end solution required a combination of two systems.


The Task

The customer’s material was flour or various ingredients, dry and free flowing. The material was to be conveyed after a sieving station and delivered into a mixer with a feed rate of 16kg bags every 20-30 seconds.

Gough Engineering worked closely with the customer and identified the following issues:

  1. Remove the manual handling transportation of bagged material historically completed by operations staff using steps to a mixer.
  2. Identify an improvement in the sieving operation.
  3. Design a solution that would be mobile to be operationally required in conveying material within the factory at different locations.



The Solution

Gough identified and recommended the GV550 as the best solution for the batch sieving process. It comes complete with a hood frame, gas-struts and all in stainless steel Grade 304 including the framework. To achieve a compact and mobile solution the sieve and conveyor system is combined into one wheeled unit. The extraction spigot can be connected to an extraction system. To prevent dust leakage flexible skirts extend to the batch sieve rim. The material transition from the sieve to Floveyor incorporates BFM spigots with toolless fitted flexible connections.

As part of the contract Gough recommended the use of a Floveyor industrial aero-mechanical conveying system. This system raises material from ground floor to approximately 1.9m in height. This approach is a clean and safe solution with an excellent small equipment footprint and has a maximum throughput of 100m cu./hr. The unique gentle material handling approach by the Floveyor gives superior performance of material with minimal residue.

Floveyor more information…

Gough assisted the customer by providing a screen on loan for their production and trailing phase.  Liaising with Floveyor of Australia the Floveyor unit was shipped to the UK and then fully assembly at Gough Engineering. All fabrication work, assembly and testing was completed at Gough’s premises in Staffordshire.

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