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Sanitary Separator: The Perfect Equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry



In the pharmaceuticals industry, quality assurance matters. With the safety of patients always the top priority, chemical powders that are pressed into tablets or dissolved in water must be free from impurities and coarse or oversized particles. Any inconsistent distribution of particles, caused by oversized lumps or contamination, could affect the efficacy and safety of medicines and expose vulnerable patients to unacceptable risk.Get In TouchScreening in pharmaceuticals production, therefore, needs to highly efficient and precise, while retaining the ability to process large volumes of powder. The Sanitary separator is the perfect solution so, in this article, we will discuss what this method involves and why it is suited to the pharmaceuticals industry.

 What Are Sanitary Screens?

While circular vibrating screens are a common solution in chemical engineering screening, they also play an important role in pharmaceuticals production and is an addition to the popular well proven range of general purpose Vibrecon Separator.

The machine is powered by a standard centrally mounted, flanged motor with fully adjustable balance weight thus ensuring complete flexibility during operation when screening difficult materials.

In pharmaceuticals, vibrating San Sifter offer specific benefits that help to ensure both excellent product quality assurance and highly efficient production:

The Special Sanitary Features Ensure That The Machine Is:

  • Manufactured in stainless steel, grade 316L, throughout with all welds both internally and externally carefully dressed to eliminate any surfaces where dust may rest, reducing the risk of contaminating the product.
  • Highly polished smooth surfaces to eliminate any crevices and possible bacteria traps.
  • Designed to eliminate any surfaces where dust may rest, reducing the risk of contaminating the product.
  • Mesh carrying frames on all models promote full area screening and the sanitary model comes complete with Stainless Steel screening frames with the mesh bonded with FDA approved adhesive as standard.
  • There are also alternate options of stainless steel or moulded plastic frames that can be meshed easily by the customer or by Gough Engineering on request.

The smooth lines and general design of the Sanitary Vibrecon allows the whole machine to be hosed down by the operator without any detriment to the drive arrangement, or any part for the machine.

  • Accurate grading
  • Multiple separations
  • Reduced Downtime, simple and robust design
  • Good range of sizes available.

Find Out More

You can see our linear vibrating screens in action screening plastic powder in this short video.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your pharmaceutical business’s needs, please call Gough Engineering today on 01782 567770.

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