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Batch Sieves: Essential for Adding Value to Pharmaceutical Production


Batch sieving is used extensively in pharmaceutical manufacturing to guarantee a safe, high-quality product that meets tight specifications for constituent product fractions.
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The Use Of An Industrial Sieve Is Vital To:

  • Separate out all oversized particles to ensure even excellent separation of raw material.
  • Remove contaminants, such as bag materials, to guarantee the end product is pure.
  • Ensure that all ingredients and end products meet demanding quality assurance standards.
  • Protect pharmaceutical manufacturers against compensation claims or litigation.
  • Minimise potential quality issues downstream.

Features And Benefits Of Industrial Sieve Screens In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

For pharmaceutical screening, batch sieving is an ideal solution for the following reasons:

  • Batch sieves are simple to use and maintain, with easy stripping down for thorough cleaning.
  • Due to their compact design, they can be used in any production process where there is limited space or restricted height.
  • The aperture of a wire mesh can be changed to process powders of different particle sizes when required.
  • The correct mesh aperture (with possible ultrasonics) will avoid the blinding of the sieve.
  • Excellent high quality grade fabrication using 316L where required will keep any metal impurities to a minimum.

By using a batch sieve in your pharmaceutical manufacturing, you can be confident of achieving consistently high-quality results that meet your stringent product quality specifications.

Find Out More About Batch Sieving For The Pharmaceuticals Industry

Gough Engineering are global leaders in the design and manufacture of batch sieves for the pharmaceutical industry.

To find out more about how batch sieves can benefit different sectors of manufacturing, please read our case studies, or call our expert team today on 01782 567770.

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