Gough Engineering is ideally located in the centre of the UK, 50 miles from the major international airports of Manchester and Birmingham. Due to our location, we can take advantage of the significant engineering resources that exist in the West Midlands and North West of the United Kingdom.

The company is a truly international business serving Multi-National customers with solutions and equipment, offering their best practice with reliable and fit for purpose machinery designed and built for a 20-year operational life.

We have exported over 35% of our turnover consistently throughout the last 20 years. The shortlist of the geographic territories we currently have operating working equipment is illustrated below. We support our major UK, Western European & American customers around the world as they increase investment in their production capacity.

We have a strong association with former group members, Gough Econ, North Carolina USA, Gough GmbH, Germany and between the three Gough companies there is no area in the world that does not have access to the best technology and equipment to manage the movement of materials and products within production processes.

Gough has invested on both sides of the Atlantic in a comprehensive range of plastic injection moulds for patented component parts and has trademarks and patents protecting our IP. The history of the companies is also evidenced by the long service records of its key staff and tradesmen, having over 500 man years of continuous service resident within permanent staff at their facilities. This is a vital and skilful resource which our customers benefit from with every machine purchased from Gough.

Gough GMBH specialises in the plastic pellet screening industry and we have several hundred Gough Vibrecon's operating in German regions providing masterbatch quality control for the plastics industry.

Over the years there is hardly a product which has not been screened, conveyed, lifted, elevated, vibrated or handled by Gough and this experience allows us to provide bespoke solutions for unique processing environments.

Our dynamic company is in the process of developing multilingual translations to its website which will be available during 2017.

Meanwhile, we will be pleased to respond in English to any applications which may be troubling you.

We look forward to hearing from you today.


Gough Engineering's Solutions Are Global

We’ve been serving international customers for over 50 years – wherever you are we will support you with solutions, equipment parts and services.

Gough Engineering's Solutions Are Global

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