Heavy Duty Belt Conveyors Product Information

Gough’s heavy duty conveyors can be built for a range of applications, making use of materials designed to withstand chemical corrosion and physical damage.

Our heavy duty conveyors have been applied to conveying chemicals, recycling, and scrap metal, achieving high rates of throughputs, reliably and efficiently.

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Key Advantages of Heavy Duty Conveyors

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Custom Extras - Flights, sidewalls, scrapers, covers and feeding hoppers can all be included.

Belt Options - Chevron, grip top and modular can all be specified for horizontal and inclined conveying as needed.

High Capacity - Heavy duty belts can be run at high speeds, offering high rates of throughput as required.

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Heavy Duty Conveyor Design

Food Processing Standard - Mild or stainless steel constructions are available as the application requires.

Custom Supports - Framework can be designed and built to convey through any facility as needed.

Flexible Installation - Conveyors can be developed to fit into existing conveyor networks, or whole new systems can be developed and installed.

M9 Blackfriars (7)

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