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Waste Management Screening System


The Task

The anaerobic digestion system uses water to slurrify food waste as part of the process. A proportion of this water is then recovered through an inline cyclone filtration unit.

However, egg shell and other abrasive solids can still travel through this system causing wear in pumps and up stream process equipment. The recycling company in Devon required a sieving and conveying system to remove these solids as part of an anaerobic digestion system.


The Solution

Our business development manager attended an on-site meeting with the client at the plant to see first hand the issues caused by solids by-passing their existing filtration system. After consultation it was decided that Gough install a small trial unit to determine the appropriate screen size and discharge system to incorporate into the sieve design. Trials were undertaken and proved successful. Gough then applied their ‘all-in-one’ design concept whereby a Vibraflo sieve has an integral removable screen mesh but it no upper deck and therfore no mating surfaces which can be a cause of fluid leakage if not propoerly assembled after clean-down. The design also allows large volumes of fluid to discharge directly through the unit and any solids are trapped and discharged from a tangencial port. These solids are then discharged onto a Gough inclined belt conveyor, with automatic wash-down facility, directly into a waste bin.


The Result

The system works extremely well and now fluid bound solids are taken out and discharged into the clients waste system. Down stream pump and process life expectancy has increased accordingly.

Belt conveyor

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