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Vibrating Screen Feeder Case Study

Our customer is regarded as one of Europe’s leaders in the marketing and distribution of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, snacks, and other complementary products. Many varied processes are undertaken at their UK site including, but not limited to: toasting, salting, roasting, smoking, coating, and spicing. Most product is produced for private label trade in multiple pack configurations.

The Task

Prior to packing certain nuts require toasting which is achieved by tumbling product in a mixer whilst blast heating. Once this batch cycle is complete the hot product is discharged into a jacketed and cooled screw feeder which in turn discharges onto an inclined flighted belt conveyor. The product is then tipped onto a small linear vibratory feeder and into a bagging station.
During the toasting and tumbling cycle, the product can degrade and cast-off small flakes. These in turn find their way through the process and into the consumer bags. A member of Gough’s technical sales staff was asked to attend the site to access the problem and find a resolution.

The Result

After discussion, it was decided that the existing linear vibratory feeder be removed and a Gough stainless steel twin deck linear vibratory screener be fitted in its place. The unit is capable of handling 2,400kg/hr of product which travels across an upper deck with a 20mm woven mesh to remove any oversize. All other product that has cascaded through this deck then travels along a lower second deck with 5mm woven mesh and any particles from the toasting/tumbling process are screened out at this level and into a waste container. Good product is discharged from the end of the linear screener and into the bagging station.

The screening section is mounted to a free-standing stainless-steel frame and attached to this structure using isolating composite laminate springs. The vibrating motion is imparted using an electromagnetic drive system with frequency control achieved using an inverter.

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