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Boost Plastic Recycling Efficiency with Linear Vibrating Screens


The environmental impact of soaring volumes of packaging waste has emphasised the importance of efficient sorting procedures. Effective separation of a single stream of waste by type and size, or a complex mixture of different materials, is challenging and prone to contamination, particularly in facilities where sorting technology has not been adopted.

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What Is A Linear Vibrating Screen?

Linear vibrating screens are highly effective at separating products as the material is moved in a linear direction, allowing the smallest fractions to pass through the screen as the rest is transferred to the next stage in the process. In some cases, the vibration alone can be sufficient to move the product forwards, without the need for a separate conveyor.

Linear vibrating screens are used in a wide variety of applications, including waste handling and recycling, because they offer:

  • High screening capacity based on flow rates and screen area sizes.
  • Excellent separation of particles from granulated production lines.
  • Can combine screening and moving of material over small distances.
  • Twin out-of-balance motors for reliable, continuous screening/separation and product transfer.
  • Tailored design for directional exist spouts to your next processes.

The Benefits Of Linear Motion Vibrating Screens For Recycling

A linear vibrating screen is a key element of the screening and sorting system as it can significantly increase throughput.

  • Suitable for sorting and screening plastic and rubber-based waste materials.
  • Suitable for sorting irregular shapes with either wire mesh or perforated plates.
  • Ideal for classifying materials that are delivered in large bulk volumes, such as bulk bags.
  • Able to achieve higher throughput in tonnes per hour compared to circular sieving.

Depending on the product material and the type of separation required, the throughput and quality of screening can be improved by altering the angle of the vibrating screen. Horizontal screening facilitates the comprehensive and accurate separation of a range of plastic fragments while maintaining good throughput. However, the screen can also be declined to support the efficient movement of waste product if required.

Linear vibrating screens are an effective solution for recycling businesses that wish to improve the accuracy of their screening and sorting, reduce contamination, increase throughput, and drive their organisation’s profitability with cost-saving efficiencies.

Find Out More From Our Case Study

This case study demonstrates how Gough Engineering used linear vibrating screens to drastically improve operational efficiency in the recycling industry. For more information on how Gough Engineering can help with the design, supply and installation of vibrating screens as well as our wide range of services, please get in touch today.

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