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Machine Development Needs to Keep Up with Nutraceutical Growth

As-the-Nutraceuticals-Industry-Grows-Machine Capacity-and-Development-Needs-to-Keep-Up

Nutraceutical products – supplements with nutritional and medicinal benefits that are derived from foods is a growing industry, with a global market size forecast to reach over $990bn (USD) by the end of this decade. As the regulations that govern the nutraceutical sector tighten across the world, consumers are increasingly seeking brands that are committed to achieving exceptional product quality control.

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Unlocking Quality Through Effective Sieving and Sifting

With demand for high-quality nutraceuticals soaring, it’s vital that your business has reliable and durable equipment in place to ensure that product quality meets expectations. Industrial sieving and separating machines are key to meet demand for nutrition and pharmaceutical products that require accurate classification of ingredients, such as dietary fibre, pre- and post-biotics, sustainable food proteins from bio-converted waste materials, antioxidants, and sports nutrition.

By filtering and removing contaminants, sieving equipment with linear vibrating screens helps your production line to deliver a purer, more refined product that ensures your business complies with regulations and satisfies consumer demand for safe, high-quality products.

Our Range Of Screens

At Gough Engineering, we design, manufacture, and install a variety of circular and linear vibrating screens for many applications, including the nutraceutical industry.

All our systems are tailor-made to our customers exacting requirements, so you can be confident that our sieving and separating solutions will more than meet the needs of your nutraceuticals application. For example, by selecting the correct motor specification and screen aperture, we can ensure the correct vibration is achieved to sieve or separate whey powders to prevent blocking or pegging of the screen mesh.

  • Sizes range from 600- 1,600mm in diameter to process a variety of products, screening application and respective throughputs required.
  • Different types of screens can be fitted including woven wire mesh, wedge wire, grid bars, and laser-cut punched plates.
  • Multiple screening decks (2, 3, or 4 fractions) can be incorporated into a single sieving and separating unit.
  • Outlets can be positioned to direct fractions in different directions.
  • Supporting framework can be supplied, with outlets positioned to connect to existing equipment.
  • Optional accessories include: top covers with viewing window to minimise dust contamination; castor mountings for portability; and ultrasonic deblinding systems to prevent blockages.
  • Additional interfacing to other Gough equipment and systems such as feeders and bucket elevators or Big Bag dischargers can be manufactured to specification.

Vibratory screening and sieving equipment can also be combined with ‘Rip and Tip’ stations with or without extraction, to help achieve consistent quality screening with excellent operator and environment safety features when manufacturing your nutraceutical products.

Find Out More About Our Linear Vibrating Screens

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of linear vibrating screens, please see our case studies, or call us on 01782 567770 and our knowledgeable team will be pleased to help you.

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