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What Makes it a Vibrecon? Gough Engineering’s Trademark Vibratory Separator


What is a Vibratory Separator?

A Vibratory Separator, such as the Gough Vibrecon, is a separating and classifying system that uses circular gyratory motions to process material on an industrial scale. Using either a wire mesh or perforated plate, different types and grades of material can be easily sorted and separated. As with all Gough machinery, our Vibratory Separators are specifically designed for a client’s production process, however Vibratory Separators are incredibly versatile and can be used across a variety of industries for multiple purposes.


How does a Vibratory Separator Work?

Product is fed onto the top deck of the Vibratory Separator and the gyratory action of the centrally mounted motor then causes the product to spiral out from the centre. Product is fed onto the centre of the top screen. From here, your inputs are spiralled out in a controlled clockwise motion from the centre of the screen to the outside. Oversized product is then collected from an outlet, while correctly sized materials pass through to either the next screening deck or to the final outlet. This highly effective and proven process continuously clears the screening area, delivering excellent throughput without compromising on efficiency or accuracy.

What is the difference between a Vibrecon and a Vibratory Separator?
A Gough Engineering Vibrecon Vibratory Separator is a patented evolution of a standard Vibratory Separator. Vibrecon Separators use a patented air bellow suspension system that produce minimal noise and last far longer than conventional Vibratory Separators, which use a spring suspension system. This allows you to better control the vibratory motion to the application’s product material and reduces the vibration to the base unit of the Vibrecon, protecting the motor.


Why choose a Gough Engineering Vibrecon Vibratory Separator?

Any Gough Vibrecon will be individually designed with our customer and their application in mind. We use adjustable motor weights to allow fine tuning for optimal separation and throughput. We can also design your unit with additional decks to separate your product according to particle size, up to a maximum of four fractions.

The simple and robust design of a Gough Vibrecon Vibratory Separator will operate with very little mechanical intervention. The system is driven by a single flange, three phase mounted vibratory motor. This motor is IP rated and fitted with high load capacity bearings, this has been specially selected for vertical mounting within the base of the unit.

A Gough Engineering Vibrecon has been designed to offer maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance and the quick release clamps featured throughout the design allow for rapid disassembly for easy cleaning. This feature assists you to avoid lengthy downtime during washdowns.


Will my Vibrecon be customised to my production process?

Gough Engineering work with all our clients to ensure that the equipment they receive is the perfect solution to their production problem. Any Gough Vibrecon will be designed with our customer in mind, and we can include:

  • Magnets
  • Top covers and/or extraction to minimise airborne particles
  • Ball trays to provide additional mesh vibration
  • Customised base and deck designs to fit your current production layout
  • Ultrasonics to help reduce pegging / blocking of mesh apertures.


With enclosed mechanical vibrational feeders delivering through industry specific connections, the Vibrecon allows classification and discharging into specific locations for post processing, this example also shows the enclosed lid to ensure a clean operations environment with minimal to no wastage or leaking.


Vibrecon Superb Application Range allows it to be used in larger schemes with hopper and vibrational feeders and larger material transfer conveying solutions including bucket elevators.



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