Storeveyors Information

Storeveyors are a way of adding control and regulating product flows within a production line.

The systems are a combination of a storage unit and conveying unit. They can hold a large volume of product on the infeed side, and then provide a discharge of product as downstream processes require.

The output can be provided by either a vibratory feeder action, or from a belt conveyor, depending on the product and your preferences.

Storeveyors are particularly valuable towards the final packing stages of production, where multiple lines come together, before carefully measured amounts of product are separated out for packing. The systems allow for intermittent interruptions in production flows, without delaying downstream processes.


Key Advantages of Storeveyors

Production Flexibility - The systems offer a way to regulate high volumes of production.

Balanced Product Flows - Intermittent disruptions in production can be smoothed out so downstream processes aren’t affected.

Planned Stoppages - The system allows a buffering of the product, so temporary stops and rest periods can be built into production periods.

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Storeveyor Construction

Custom Systems - All systems are designed and built to fit into your production process.

Food Grade Standards - Storeveyors can be constructed to achieve standards as the application requires, including food hygiene standards.

Vibration or Belt Feed - Storeveyors can feed product with either a vibratory action, or using a conveyor belt.


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