Pillar Lift & Tippers Information

Vertical pillar lift and tippers are a chain or screw driven system for elevating product containers, before automatically tipping and emptying the product into the next process.

The systems can be configured to lift and tip a range of containers, from standard tote and euro bins, to bespoke process specific units.

All the latest health and safety requirements can be accounted for with the inclusion on guarding, ‘dead man’s switch’ controls and chain failure safety latch, as well as greatly reducing manual handling requirements.

Double Pillar Tipper

Key Advantages of Vertical Pillar Lifts and Tippers

Safe Handling - By removing the need for manual handling, the risk of injury in the workplace is greatly reduced.

High Lift Capacities - Robust engineering means loads of up to 600 kg of product can be elevated and deposited in a single lifting cycle.

Food Industry Standard - All systems are available in specifications suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

High Pillar Tipper

Vertical Lifts and Tippers Design

Small Footprint - The vertical lift gives a small footprint, meaning the system can be slotted into tight working environments.

Mobility Options - Many systems can be made into mobile units, allowing greater operational flexibility.

Diverse Solutions - As each unit is designed and made to suit any process, almost any type of container can be lifted and emptied.

Single Pillar Tipper

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