Lift & Tipper

Chain, screw, hydraulic or pneumatic lift and tipping systems are a safe and effective method of elevating bulk product containers within a production facility.

The systems give a huge benefit to health and safety by reducing manual handling requirements, which are one of the main causes of workplace injury.

The systems lift and tip in one action, and can be built to lift almost any container, elevating to over six metres.

Key Advantages of Lifts and Tippers

Small Footprint - The systems are designed to have a small footprint and can be slotted into tight working environments.

Safe Handling - By removing the need for manual handling, the risk of injury in the workplace is greatly reduced.

Mobility Options - Many systems can be made into mobile units, allowing greater operational flexibility.

High Lift Capacities - Robust engineering means heavy loads can be elevated and deposited safely and reliably.

High Pillar Tipper
Hydraulic Bin Tipper

Lift and Tippers Applications

The lifting and tipping systems can be applied to achieve a wide range of product handling requirements, providing consistent and reliable product transfer.

Food and pharmaceutical industry specification systems can be manufactured for lifting tote bins and industrial mixing bowls, as well as units for more industrial applications like hoisting drums and pallets.

The systems come with a range of personal safety features including guarding and ‘dead man’s handle’ controls so they can be installed into busy working environments without raising safety concerns.

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