Product Hoppers Information

As part of larger systems, product hoppers are a simple and effective means of increasing control of product flows as they move through production and conveying processes.

As well as being an effective means of channelling product, hoppers can also act as a temporary store and means for metering product flow rates through a process.

Either included as part of the original design or retrofitted to existing equipment, hoppers are able to address minor production line issues, as well as solve more fundamental production problems.

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Key Advantages of Product Hoppers

Reduced Waste - Hoppers are a simple and effective method of preventing product spillage and saving time on cleaning.

Cost Effective - Product hoppers are often a low-cost addition to larger pieces of equipment that can greatly improve usability.

Flexible Solution - Hoppers are simple to add to new designs and can be installed as a retrofit solution when production issues crop up.

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Product Hopper Design

Food Processing Standard - Hoppers can be constructed from either mild or stainless steels, achieving standards as the application requires.

Large or Small - Our in-house production facility can manufacture hoppers large and small depending on your production needs.

Slide Valve Control - Adding extra control over production lines, hoppers can include manual and pneumatic slide valve control to reduce or increase product flow as needed.

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