Econ-o-Lift Bucket Elevator

The Gough Econ-o-Lift Bucket Elevator is a heavy duty chain and pendulum bucket type system designed to convey coarse and abrasive products through harsh production environments.

The Econ-o-Lift has a unique system that closes up the buckets at the in-feed point, greatly reducing the likelihood of spillage, then opens out to allow free movement during travel.

The system can be laid out in complex arrangements to carry the product through congested production environments, and is so reliable we have had systems still in service after decades of continuous operation.

Key Advantages of Econ-o-Lift Bucket Elevators

Heavy Duty - The system has specifically been developed to operate in harsh environments, conveying coarse and abrasive product.

Versatile Layouts - Vertical and horizontal sections can be combined to elevate and convey products along complex routes.

Long Service Life - Some of our Econ-o-Lift systems have been in constant service for decades.

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Econ-o-Lift Bucket Elevator Construction

Solid Casing - Fully enclosed stainless or mild steel casing to prevent any foreign bodies entering the open buckets. The casing comes with quick release cover panels for service access.

Open Frames - Tubular or box section framework which can be fitted with wire mesh panels allowing for regular visual inspection.

Plastic or Steel Chain - Plastic, mild and stainless steel chains are available to meet the specific application requirements.

Plastic or Steel Buckets - Elevator buckets are available in plastic, mild steel and stainless steel to suit application requirements. Steel buckets can also be non-stick coated.

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