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Our unrivalled experience and technical expertise coupled with the very latest in CAD design techniques enables us to deliver custom design solutions for handling a wide range of products and materials, from fine powders, granules, liquids and plastics to food stuff, pharmaceuticals and aggregates.

With nearly 70 years experience, our knowledge and expertise are second to none. With an extensive portfolio of installed equipment and process solutions worldwide, you can be assured of our commitment to deliver the best possible design taking into account handling characteristics, available space and budgetary constraints.

Key Advantages of our Production Process and Materials Management Design Services

Customer care and consultation forms the foundation of Gough’s program of continuous improvement, innovation and product development, enabling Gough to lead the market in both design and engineering excellence.

Let us review your operational and equipment needs and together we will build a better future.

Design Service


To design seamless materials management and production process solutions, Gough Engineering have also invested in SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions that enable intuitive interface and powerful design capabilities drive smarter, faster product development that will power Gough's successes.

The program will allow clear communication of design information, virtual prototyping, and quick generation of manufacturing-ready drawings and data.

You will be able to receive all of your quotes and enquiries with full 3D drawings of the Gough equipment. This will allow you to see every possible angle of the equipment you are purchasing.

Design Service

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